Saturday, January 21, 2012


the 90 day Wheat-free Me Project!

Beginning tomorrow until my 50 mile race, I will commit to staying Wheat-free. Sure I've made many such announcements before. I start out strong for about 36 hours then fizzle. Why is this time any different?

#1  I'm only focusing on eliminating wheat. I can eat anything I want, as long as it's wheat-free. In the past, I've attempted to be grain-free, or wheat and sugar-free, etc. I'm either a bad multi-tasker or there were too many rules to follow consistently. This time around it's nice and simple...If I haven't eaten wheat, my day was a success.

#2  Despite my best intentions to blog on a regular basis, I seem to still be sporadic. Everyday for my 90 day challenge, I'll keep my blog updated. Writing about my experience will help keep me focused and on track. I don't want to write about the bagel I succumbed to for breakfast. Yum..bagels...quit it!

#3  Instead of viewing this project as a chore to be endured, I'm going to look at this as a new adventure. There are lots of wheat free options in the world, it will be fun tasting new foods. Maybe I'll even start cooking!

#4  Everyday I will read something to re-enforce my commitment. My "Wheat Belly" book by Dr Davis is on my nightstand. I also bought a new book "The Willpower Instinct" by Kelly McGonigal. I'm also experimenting with meridian tapping techniques. I want to have lots of different tools to help me succeed.

Day 1 is tomorrow. I'll be back with my first report.

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