Sunday, October 28, 2012

Another experiment

I'm curious to see what happens to my blood after a meal.

My fasting glucose was 86. Then I had breakfast, 2 eggs, a couple slices of ham and cheese with mustard. I spread some butter on the ham (tasty!).

After 15 min my glucose is 84. I'm going to check it again in 45 min. Back with the results..

UPDATE..It's been an hour, my glucose is 86. My LCHF breakfast didn't affect my insulin. Excellent!

UPDATE..My ketones are 1.3, definitely in nutritional ketosis. Perfect timing for the marathons.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 3

Fasting Glucose 86
Ketones  .6

My fasting glucose is jumping all over the place. I wish my ketones would increase to 1, at least it's up from yesterday.

I'm in a hotel until Thursday, it's a perfect time to get my carb and protein ratio correct. I'm aiming for 2 meals of 30g of protein each. My carbs are staying below 50g. The rest of my diet is fat.

I've been drinking bullet proof coffee every morning. I like it when the butter/oil mixture is foamy. I whip the combo up in my mini blender. The problem is driving to the coffee shop. By the time I get a cup of coffee, the mixture is oily. I've been pouring it in my coffee but its kind of gross. Bullet proof coffee may be reserved for days when I make it at home.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 2

my fasting glucose was 66. I need to do some research, seems like my levels are dropping pretty low. Maybe it's because of going into nutritional ketosis. I might check it in the middle of the day, maybe it's because the reading is first thing in the am.

I'm out of town until next Thursday. I packed my blender (for bullet-proof coffee) and my scale to weigh my protein portions. Also, everything I need to check my ketones and glucose.

Tonight I'm in El Paso. I researched a burger place called I'm going there for dinner.

LATER THAT NIGHT...just checked my ketones, .5. I was hoping for higher than 1 but according to the experts, I'm still in nutritional ketosis (just barely). I may have eaten too much protein, that toro burger was big and tasty. Onward to Day 3..

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 1

of my nutritional ketosis experiment.

I just checked my ketones, they're at 1, up from .2 on Sunday. That means I'm officially burning fat for fuel. WooHoo! My morning glucose reading was 64. I wonder if it's lower because my ketones are higher.

Here's what I had for lunch..

Two eggs, turkey, cheese spread, tomatoes and olives.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My big experiment

in nutritional ketosis may begin earlier than Nov 1.

My eBay ketone sticks will arrive in a few days. In the meantime, I have enough to begin the 4 week test.

I think I'll begin on Friday. It will be interesting to see my ketone numbers when I do the 4 marathons in 4 days, next week.

My fasting glucose was 80 this morning. I'm still fumbling around when I prick my finger. I hope I get better soon!

Here's what I had for lunch..

A couple eggs, prosciutto, cherry tomatoes and a soft cheese spread. Tasty and LCHF.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I won the eBay bid!

20 more ketone sticks are coming my way. I got them at a great price, about $2.50 instead of $5.

I'll have a total of 28 ketone sticks, enough to test everyday for 4 weeks. That's going to be the plan, beginning Nov 1. I'll use the time until then to get into nutritional ketosis. I'm paying strict attention to my carbs so I'm hoping I'll be keto-adapted by then.

I haven't posted any photos lately. Here's one of Rocky...

I didn't test my glucose this am, I was working out of town last night and forgot my bag of stuff. I'll prick my finger tomorrow.

Monday, October 22, 2012

I couldn't resist

I checked my ketones last night.

I wish I would have waited a week, my number was .2 which isn't in nutritional ketosis. I'm still a bad finger pricker, I had to use 2 strips (at $5 each!) to get a reading.

I'm bidding on some ketone strips on eBay, I'm hoping I can get them for $3 a strip. If I win them I'll do ketone checks 3 times a week.

Glucose numbers are still going down, this morning I was at 74. The low 70's was my goal. I can't figure out why the number was so high at the doctor's office.

Time to finish my bullet proof coffee and head o work..

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Besides checking my glucose

I'm also going to begin checking my ketone levels. According to the authors of The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance, I need to be between .5 and 3 ketones to be in nutritional ketosis. Here's the recommended graph from the book..

The problem is that the ketone test strips are expensive! About $5 a strip! I think I'll do my first check in a couple days, it may take that long to become keto adapted. I'm strictly following LCHF, keeping my carbs below 50g and my protein around 60g.

This morning my glucose reading was 79, down from yesterday.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

24 hours of Boulder Race Report

I was pretty bummed out after my doctor's appointment. The next morning I was signed up to do a 24 hour race in Boulder. If I hadn't have paid the money, I may have skipped it.

I'm glad I didn't go the couch potato, boo-hoo, I feel sorry for myself route.

The race was held at the Boulder reservoir. It's a gorgeous place..

The course was an out and back 7.14 stretch of road. Some was on dirt, some gravel, for variety. We had to cross over a bridge with a scary sign..

I was a bit concerned about crossing in the dark, just my luck I would get swept away! Luckily there was a sturdy fence surrounding the open space, even I couldn't take a mis-step.

I did wander off the course 2 times in the dark (ok, 3 times). When I realized my mistake, I waited until I could see other runner's headlamps to show me the way. A couple that I encountered around 3am were concerned about me. I think they thought I was hallucinating. I assured them that I just don't follow directions well.

I skipped all the food tables loaded with carbs. The only thing I took was water and electrolyte capsules. In my car I stocked a cooler with salad, chicken, cheese and nuts. I ate some paleo cookies and muffins so I can't say I was LCHF. No wheat or grains though.

My race result was 50 miles in 24 hours. Actually more like 18 hours. I tried to sleep in my car for 3 hours, which didn't work at all. Then I laid down on a cot in base camp for an hour. I could have easily fallen asleep but I knew other people would like to lay down too. I just closed my eyes.

Next up is my first Quadzilla, 4 marathons in 4 days. I plan on sticking to LCHF for all the races, I'll be interested to see how it works out.

Bulletproof Coffee

I made some this morning...

I read about Bulletproof Coffee here. It's an easy way to add extra fat into your diet.

I'm a hard core black, the stronger the better, coffee drinker. The thought of adding 2 TBS of butter and coconut oil into coffee sounded gross. I figured I'd try it and see how it tastes. I'm happy to say that it tastes good! Just like adding cream. I think the trick is to make sure the butter/oil are blended well, so the mixture is foamy. I'll start my day with a cup of bulletproof. If I have a second cup, it will be back to black coffee.

After some fumbling around, I have my first am glucose reading...84.

I've been so preoccupied with blood work, I almost forget that I completed a race last weekend! I'll do a recap on the next post.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Impaired Glucose Tolerance

I may have it and it's freaking me out.

Last Friday I had a glucose test at Dr Gerber's office. In preparation, I fasted from dinner to my 10am appointment. The tough part was not having coffee in the morning.

My baseline reading was 94, under 100 is normal. Then I drank a nasty orange drink that contained 75 grams of carbs. I spent the next hour reading magazines until another blood test was preformed.

After an hour my glucose was at 158. Again, in the normal range. Then I had to go sit and read magazines for another hour.

Here's where the impaired stuff begins. My third reading should have been returning to my baseline number of 94. Instead, my number was still in the 150s. The insulin I produced wasn't bringing down my glucose. That's when Dr Gerber mentioned Impaired Glucose Tolerance. And that's when I started freaking out.

Dr Gerber said that being a vegetarian who ate mostly carbs for 25 years may have destroyed some of my beta cells. I never heard of beta cells before, they're linked to glucose and the pancreas.

Dr Gerber recommends the LCHF diet, the one I'm currently using. He suggests 70% fat, 20% protein and 10% carbs.

I left my appointment feeling sad. For 25 years, I thought a vegetarian diet was healthful. Now I realize that eating mostly carbs has hurt my body. Dammit.

I felt sorry for myself for a couple hours. Then I got angry and decided to turn this thing around. I read about Jimmy Moore's nutritional ketosis experiment. I decided to try it too.

First I bought a Blood Glucose monitor. I'm going to check my glucose and  ketones on a daily basis.

I'm going to follow the guidelines for nutritional ketosis in this book...

My nutritional ketosis experiment will last for 90 days. At the end, I'll do another glucose test. My hope is I'll go from impaired blood glucose to fantastic blood glucose!

This should be interesting...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'm loving LCHF

Translation...Low Carb High Fat.

I'm eating bacon and eggs and roast beef and cheese and olives and avocados. I've cut way back on fruit, most days I don't have any. And I'm limiting myself to a square of 100% chocolate ( Domori rocks!) and the no sugar petite fores from Popa Ruba.

On Friday I have my follow up visit with the Paleo Doc. I'm having a glucose test. Based on the results, Dr Gerber will determine my daily carb allowance. I haven't been counting but most days I think I'm around 70 grams.

The day after my doctor visit, I'll be doing a 24 hour race in Boulder. Back with more info..