Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's been a crazy week!

Between the marathon and work, I lived in a hotel all week. In a different city almost everyday.

FYI- Bacon that's cooked in a Hampton Inn microwave is kind of flabby. I ate it anyways.

I had a terrific grass-fed burger at Milt's drive-thru in Moab. I'll go there again, next time I'll get a double.

Even though I drove a million miles, I was happy to have my car. I was able to get keto supplies everywhere I went. I mostly shopped at local co-ops, the towns I stayed were too small to have Whole Foods. Vitamin Cottage in Grand Junction, CO had lots of tasty options.

Although my ketones have been dropping, they've stayed above .5. Yesterday my glucose reading was 85 and ketones were .7.

I ordered my ketone strips from the Canadian Pharmacy this morning. I'll be good for another 2 months. After that, I may have to stop doing daily checks. Even at $2 a strip, my wallet is taking a hit. I'm getting pretty good at predicting my numbers. I know if I have 2 glasses of wine or more nuts than normal, my number will be low. I'll see how I feel when my next supply gets low. Maybe between now and then, I'll find a bag of money!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Now we're talkin'

Glucose  71
Ketones  2.9

I'm still benefiting from the marathon I completed on Saturday.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My blood is always screwy

after a marathon or beyond.

I checked my blood at 11am. That morning all I had was coffee.

Glucose  101 (I think coffee raises my glucose)
Ketones  1.3

I predict that tomorrow my ketones will rise.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Quick race/ketone report

then I'm laying in my comfy hotel bed watching mindless sitcoms until I fall asleep.

-At 6am I had coffee, then headed to the race.

-7am Race began
-The course was a loop, I passed my car every 5 miles. At around 9am I ate my breakfast. Two ham and cheese roll ups with a handful of almonds.
-Around noon I had a couple electrolyte capsules. I avoided the bagels/cookies/bananas that were on the table.
-I kept chugging through the ungodly wind and freezing tempts. The start was around 28 degrees, the day topped out at 45 degrees. I should have checked the weather report before I packed, I was under dressed.
-At 2:30 I stopped at my car and ate the remaining 2 ham and cheese roll ups and almonds.
-Around 4:30 I called it quits. The wind/cold and did I mention sand?, got the best of me. I completed over 26 miles so I got in a marathon. I'm happy with that.

Before I went back to the hotel, I stopped at a local place called Milts. They use grass fed beef and local vegetables. I ordered a (bunless) bacon cheeseburger and side salad with avocado to go.

I checked my blood around 6pm, before I ate dinner.

Glucose  81
Ketones 2.7

Tomorrow's reading will be interesting.
Time to turn on the Food Channel and be a couch potato (I mean a couch avocado!)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Today my ketone number is 3.2

and my glucose is 81.

I knew my ketones were good because I literally went all day without eating, with no hunger. Well, almost all day. I ate 3 roast beef/provolone roll ups at 8am. It's now 6pm and I haven't eaten yet. Crazy! As soon as I finish this post I'm diving in to some kale salad with turkey.

Tomorrow morning is my 12 hour race in Moab, Utah. I better eat dinner and sit on my hotel bed for the rest of the night....

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Still streaking

but I noticed that my glucose number doesn't correlate with what my ketones will be.

Yesterday my glucose was 71. Ketones were 1.0.
Today glucose is 77. Ketones are 2.8.

I don't understand it but I'm glad I'm in fat burning mode. I want lots of ketones in my blood for Saturday's race.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Down then up

Yipes, I almost ended my Nutritional Ketosis streak yesterday. I measured in at an anemic .5.

Today I'm rocking again with a 2.0 mm.

It's crazy how one extra glass of wine (yes I had one) or too many nuts (that too) can affect my readings. Some people go beyond their protein requirements. Lucky for me, that's not my problem. Since I was a vegetarian for over 25 years, I'm happy eating smaller portions of protein. But those carbs, those pesky carbs! I try to stick to around 50 grams a day, but I know that I some days I'm higher. I should take a week to track them but I figure as long as I'm in NK, I'll stay flexible.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Just for the heck of it

I tested my blood after working out. I did a kettlebell class followed with a one hour hike.

Glucose was 91
Ketones .9

I think my ketones were lower because of my elevated glucose. And my glucose is high because I just finished exercising.

My NK streak is still alive so I'm happy.

Friday, March 15, 2013

66 and 2.7

Those were my glucose and ketone readings today, around 3pm.

I'm happy with my numbers, especially with the ketones. I wish I knew why I haven't plummeted below 1mm. I guess I could still be reaping the benefits of the half marathon last Saturday. I felt like Superwoman (Super-ketowoman!) during the race. Everyone around me was relying on energy gels and drinks to go the distance. The finish line table was filled with cookies and bagels and bananas. I had a cup of coffee around 6am and didn't eat until around noon. I felt fine, my energy level was stable, even though I ate at noon, I wasn't even hungry. Hey, maybe I am Super-ketowoman!

Next weekend I'm heading to Moab,Utah to complete a 12 hour trail race. I'll be packing some LCHF food for that one.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

"You've lost weight"

That's what one of my customers said today. He hasn't seen me in about 6 months.
Day 4  Glucose 77  Ketones 3.2
Day 5  Glucose 80  Ketones 2.9

My ketones are falling, as long as I stay above 1mm, I'll be a happy camper. In an effort to not drop too low, I'm eating a no to low carb breakfast. Today I had smoked salmon and cream cheese roll up with a hard boiled egg. It was so good I'm having it tomorrow too.

Next weekend I'm doing a 12 hour race in Utah, that should shoot the numbers up again.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm on Day 3

of my Nutritional Ketosis streak.

Day 1 Glucose 71  Ketones 2.1
Day 2 Glucose 77  Ketones 4.2
Day 3 Glucose 71  Ketones 3.7

I'm sure that my high numbers are the result of the half marathon I completed on Saturday. I was able to do the race with only a cup of coffee before the start. I brought some almond and coconut butter with me just in case but I never needed it. I felt great throughout the race.

When I got back to my hotel, I immediately ordered room service. Smoked salmon, cream cheese with onions, capers and avocado. Delicious!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm officially out

of ketone strips.

My order from Canada was shipped on March 1. Hurry up Mr Mailman!

Today my readings were 81 Glucose and 1.6 Ketones. Today is the 4th day I'm in Nutritional Ketosis. I would love to continue my streak, however, I'll begin on Day 1 when I get my strips.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Las Vegas to do a half marathon. I know where all the delicious bakeries are. Even better, I know all the places I can eat to stay in ketosis. My first meal will be the charcuterie plate at Central at Caesars Palace!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Holy ketones batman!

Yesterday I was still at 1.6.
Today my number at 1pm was 2.9!
I wasn't this high after completing a marathon!
The only change in my diet was ditching xylitol. I stopped having my delicious petit-fores after dinner. Salted caramel cake, I'm not sure I can quit you!
One thing I haven't quit is my late afternoon glass of red wine, I'm imbibing as I write.
I'll continue my no-xylitol rule (the petit-fores are in the freezer). If my numbers continue to remain high (for me), I may have to give them away. How can I live without my meyer lemon cake!

They're as good as they look!

Monday, March 4, 2013

71 and 1.6

Those are my glucose and ketone numbers today.

My Nutritional Ketosis streak has begun...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hurry up ketone strips!

Still waiting on my order for more strips. Since they come from Canada, it takes time. I have 7 strips left, I stopped checking my ketones this week, to save them.

I quickly learned that checking my ketones on a daily basis keeps me on track. Even if the reading is low, I stay aware of how many carbs I'm consuming. Since I stopped testing, all bets are off!

I haven't completely fallen off the wagon. No grains or sugar. But lots of peanut butter, more fruit than usual, bigger scoops of yogurt, etc. I can tell by how I feel that I'm out of ketosis. I'm getting hungrier than usual and my food cravings are coming back. I"m looking forward to the detached feeling, more like "food is fuel" feeling I get when I'm in NK.

Today, I'm back on track. I may wait a few days before I check my blood. I don't need to confirm that I'm out of ketone range, it may take a couple days to get back in.

In other news, I'm heading to Vegas next weekend for a half marathon. I need to ensure I'm in fat burning mode by then..