Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fall down 100 times

get up 101.

That sums up my attempts in dumping wheat. I stick to it for a week or so then fall off. Then get back up and fall back down.

Tomorrow starts a new day.

This time I'm doing the small steps approach. First I ditch the sugar, followed by the wheat. Doing the 2 steps at once is overwhelming. One bad habit at a time.

Last weekend, although it was wheat fueled, I completed marathon #39, Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas.

The elevation kicked my butt hard. Here's what the half marathon looked like..

The whole marathon re-traced our steps. We had to turn around and go back up this #*&% hill!

The views were worth the climb, gorgeous scenery was everywhere.

And the t-shirt and medal were terrific...

In 2 weeks I head to Boise to do a 12 hour race. In the meantime, I'll be focused on banishing my sugar habit.

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