Sunday, February 26, 2012

A little oats and sugar

My last post mentioned that I was grain-free. I forgot about my daily desserts from the Protein Bakery...
All the cookies and brownies are wheat free, they're made from ground oats. They add protein powder to reduce the glycemic load. They also have minimal sugar.I love all the flavors, they're my after dinner dessert. I have 2 of the small cookies during the weekdays, on weekends I'll have a brownie.

My other dessert are these tasty truffles from Cocopotamus...
These are the Bo Peeps, made with 88% cocoa. No wheat and minimal sugar because of the high cocoa content. Sometimes I'll have one as an afternoon snack.

I want to limit my desserts to these 2 companies. When it comes to the sweet stuff, I'm better off with very few options.

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