Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I still have my wheat belly

but I'm doing something about it.

I did a marathon in Shiprock, NM last weekend. It's the only US marathon held exclusively was on an Indian reservation. The scenery was beautiful and since it was a small race, I ran much of the race alone. Here's a photo around mile 10..

That blip in the distance is me.

The good thing about completing marathons in over 6 hours is that you have lots of time to think. Whether you want to or not.

Somewhere around mile 15, I decided to re-commit to ditching the wheat. I didn't take any of the wheat laden foods at the aid stations. I only ate oranges and bananas. No pizza or bagels at the post race food tent.

I haven't had any wheat or grains since the race.

Another big change is that I've begun eating meat again. I've been either a vegetarian or vegan for about 20 years. For me, the problem was that I would have a bowl of pasta instead of a steak. I was one of those vegetarians who centered their meals around carbs.

It took some mental wrestling but I finally came to the conclusion that if I'm serious about omitting wheat and grains, I had to add back meat.

I'm being picky, only eating grass fed, locally sourced meat. But still, it's still kind of weird to open my fridge and see roast beef.

I'm concentrating on only eliminating wheat and grains for now. Next month I plan on tackling sugar, I find that if I take too much out of my diet, without adding something back, I'll rebel.

So, for the month of May, wheat and grains are gone, meat and chicken have been added.

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