Monday, May 27, 2013

Something different

I made it 17 hours without dairy.

I ditched that experiment.

On to something new.

I bought this book last week..

It basically follows a LCHF plan.
Everyday you get 100 sugar calories. They come from starchy carbs, fruits, alcohol, grains, etc. Multiply the carb count by 4 and that's the number. For example, the 1/2 cup of strawberries I add to my greek yougurt and heavy cream mixture in the morning is 26 calories. That means I have about 75 calories left for the day.

Sugar calories from the above sources are the only ones counted. Carbs in vegetables aren't counted. Neither are nuts or avocados, I eat them everyday. Fat and protein are freebies.

I like it. I don't use the book's recommendations for portion sizes (a bottlecap of fat, forget that!).

After dropping below NK for about a week, my numbers are rising again.

Yesterday I was .5. Back in NK again.
My 100 sugar calories were used on
1/2 cup strawberries   26
glass of wine   21
dark chocolate  32

Next weekend I'm heading to a half marathon in San Diego. I love San Diego!

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