Sunday, May 19, 2013

What would Wilma eat?

Time for another experiment.
I'm going to switch from LCHF to paleo for a month...

When I started this no grain/no sugar thing, my goal was to transition to a paleo diet. Along the way I found Nutritional Ketosis (thanks jimmy!)

My blood ketones have been ranging from .7 to 1.4 most days. I've been very curious to see what would happen if I switch to paleo. There wouldn't be too many changes, The big one will be eliminated dairy. That's going to be tough. I love cheese. I even have a special cheese box in my refrigerator. And special cheese paper. Yeah, the cheese part will be tough.

So, the plan for the next 4 weeks will be dairy free paleo. Desserts can be made with honey, that will be interesting to see what happens to my ketones. I ordered some tasty desserts from Paleotreats. I'll allow myself one a day and see what happens.

I'll check my glucose and ketones everyday and post the results.
Let the fun begin...

Day 1 is almost over. My blood glucose at 4pm was 87 and ketones were 1.9.
I had a kettle-bell class this morning, that was the only exercise.
No dairy. I had a Paleotreat around noon. They're fantastic, I need to be strict with my "one a day" rule.
Getting ready to have dinner at a nearby burger place. I'm going to have the grass-fed beef with avocado. No cheese....dang it!

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