Sunday, September 11, 2011

Let's get started..

I ate the last of the wheat filled carb porn last night. I still have a carby hangover. Nevertheless, it's time to proceed with the plan..

For the first 40 days, I will take photos of my wheat-less meals. I'm no camera whiz, I'm doing this to stay accountable. If (when) I'm tempted to bite into a bagel, knowing I have to post the indiscretion on my blog may stop me from doing so.

Forty days begins on September 11 and ends October 21. I've scheduled my annual blood work for October 20. I know that losing my wheat belly is good for my health, I'll be curious to see if my numbers reflect the change. I always get my physical around October, my numbers are always in the normal range. Maybe my wheat free diet will get me in the superwoman range.

Back later with photos from Day 1.

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