Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another wheat-free race!

The plan was to complete the San Diego marathon.

My right leg had another plan.

For the past couple days my knee has been stiff and sore. In an effort to not make it worse, I switched to the half marathon. It's a good thing I did so, I'm not sure my knee would have held up. I may have ended up in a crumpled heap of despair around mile 20.

The photo above is yesterday's tasty dinner from Burger Lounge. Grass fed hamburger with no bun and half a vegetable salad.

Here's my finishers medal and post race meal. Lara Bar and cherries. And a big cup of coffee!

This evening I'm headed to Las Vegas for a couple days. No free WiFi (suck it Caesars!) so I won't be posting until I'm home on Tuesday.

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