Sunday, September 30, 2012

A sure-fire way to stick to your diet

get a kitten.

This is Rocky.

He's only asleep about 6 minutes a day. The rest of the time is spent jumping, running and pouncing. And chewing, lots of chewing. I don't have the energy to be tempted by a plate of brownies.

On October 12 I have my follow up visit with Dr Gerber. I'm going to have a glucose test, then meet with him to discuss the results. I'm looking forward to getting his recommendations. I'm still sticking with the Wheat Belly diet, eating lots of fat with protein. For breakfast I had a couple eggs with strawberries and heavy cream. I love eating this way, I hope my test results support it.

The day after I meet with Dr Gerber, I'm doing a 24 hour race in Denver. I'll be walking all of it, I'm not sure what my goal will be. I do know I'll be doing it without carb loading!

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