Saturday, January 12, 2013

Plans, I got some.

Some people on line shop. I like to browse race calendars. I usually see 20 or 30 that I want to complete. Unfortunately  my wallet and legs prevent me from doing so.

In an effort to be (somewhat) fiscally conservative, I'll limit myself to races that are the easiest on my budget. I'm mostly going to do timed events, I love not having the pressure of doing a certain number of miles in a certain amount of time.

I love doing Joyce's races around Las Vegas. Last year I earned her Slam award, 4 marathons or longer in 12 months. I want to earn her Half Slam award, 4 half marathons in 12 months. She has a half in March that I want to complete. She also has a half in June.

There are a series of 12 and 24 hour events that are within driving distance. Moab, Utah, 2 in Silverton, Colorado and Boulder, Colorado. I want to do those races.

The one splurge may be Nanny Goat in June. It's in California. I need to make a decision because it fills up.

And I'm sure I'll be back to Across The Years on New Years Eve.

Between the races and Nutritional Ketosis, it's shaping up to be a fit year.

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