Sunday, April 14, 2013

I'm torn...

about continuing my daily ketone/glucose testing. Here's why...

Last week my ketones were low, hovering around .4 or .3. I know my carb intake was too high and knew my number would be low. When it was confirmed on my trusty Precision Xtra meter, I didn't curb my carbs. Quite the opposite, I adapted the "What the hell" attitude. That never turns out well.

It's been almost a week, I checked my numbers today, still .4, which is no surprise.

Ironically, my order for 60 more ketone strips arrived yesterday from the Canadian pharmacy. And 100 glucose strips.

It occured to me that my relationship with daily finger pricks is turning into my relationship that I had (before I ditched it) with daily weigh-ins. If my scale number was higher than I wanted, I was cranky. And happy as a clam if the number was low.

This morning I did an hour kettle bell class in a fasted state. Next weekend I'm doing a half marathon on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday. Both will be in a fasted state. I'm going shopping for pants because all the ones in my closet are literally falling off. I can do the 16/8 hour fast/feed window without a problem.

I know I'm fat-adapted. But when my ketone number is low, it makes me nuts!

What to do...what to do.....

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