Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's been a crazy week!

Between the marathon and work, I lived in a hotel all week. In a different city almost everyday.

FYI- Bacon that's cooked in a Hampton Inn microwave is kind of flabby. I ate it anyways.

I had a terrific grass-fed burger at Milt's drive-thru in Moab. I'll go there again, next time I'll get a double.

Even though I drove a million miles, I was happy to have my car. I was able to get keto supplies everywhere I went. I mostly shopped at local co-ops, the towns I stayed were too small to have Whole Foods. Vitamin Cottage in Grand Junction, CO had lots of tasty options.

Although my ketones have been dropping, they've stayed above .5. Yesterday my glucose reading was 85 and ketones were .7.

I ordered my ketone strips from the Canadian Pharmacy this morning. I'll be good for another 2 months. After that, I may have to stop doing daily checks. Even at $2 a strip, my wallet is taking a hit. I'm getting pretty good at predicting my numbers. I know if I have 2 glasses of wine or more nuts than normal, my number will be low. I'll see how I feel when my next supply gets low. Maybe between now and then, I'll find a bag of money!

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