Saturday, December 17, 2011


Actually it's Sous Vide. I just ordered one of these...

Sous Vide is a way to cook things in a water bath. The food is vacuum packed then placed in the cooker. Sous Vide cooking is supposed to concentrate the flavors and make food very tender.

I plan on eating replacing plates of pasta with plates of fish. Sous Vide seems like an easy, foolproof way to prepare it. I'm going to order lots of Alaskan fish from this place..

I'm going to stock up on Wild caught Salmon, Halibut and other tasty fishies. The website is

Another cool gadget I bought..

An egg cooker! That looks like an egg!

I'm also looking at some Paleo cookbooks. I'm determined to be wheat/grain free in 2012. Having some good recipes will help with the transition.

Speaking of transition, I'm wheat-free up to 1pm. I replaced my usual english muffin breakfast with a protein smoothie. Next week I'll pack wheat free lunches, probably a cheese/hard boiled egg combo with some fruit and veggies.

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