Saturday, July 21, 2012

I'm switching my fasting routine

For my experiment of one, I was going to do Fast-5

I'm switching to EatStopEat. I'll be doing 2 24 hour fasts a week.

The reason I switched is simplicity. I know that on 2 days, from 6pm to 6pm the following day, I won't eat.

No food from 6pm to 6pm 2x a week
I'm also counting carbs, as per Dr Gerber, until my next visit in August. That's plenty of rules for now. I tend to rebel if I have too much structure.

I received my blood work results, everything is in the normal range. I'm even more motivated to stay on low carb, to lose the extra weight. I'm certain that this is the cause for my higher than desired blood pressure.

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