Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My visit to the paleo doctor

Yesterday I had an appointment with Dr Jeff Gerber in Denver. He calls himself the Denver Diet Doctor.

Here's the good news..

-My EKG showed that my heart is healthy.
-Dr Gerber said that I have one of the highest levels of HDL cholesterol he's ever seen. Before I got too big of a head, he said that my high number is probably due to good genetics, not because of anything I've been doing. Either way, I'll take it.
-I have excellent triglycerides and glucose levels.

Now the not quite as good news..
-My blood pressure is on the high side.
-I weigh 145 lbs. Ouch, that's about 20 lbs too much.

Dr Gerber recommended a low carb diet for about a month. He thinks that will help me lose some weight, which will decrease my blood pressure.

The difference between low carb vs paleo is that low carbers eat more fats. Paleo people eat more proteins.

Dr Gerber said I should eat about 60g of carbs a day. He also suggested I increase my intake of butter, cream and cheese.

I have a follow up appointment in 4 weeks. At that time he's re-take my blood pressure and weight.

So I guess I'll be a carb counter for 4 weeks. I've never wanted to count calories or carbs but what the heck, I can do it for a month. Here's what my food pyramid will be..

Time to go eat some meat and cheese..

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