Saturday, July 7, 2012

I've got an appointment with a Primal Doctor!

His name is Dr Jeff Gerber and he's in Denver...

He's a general practitioner who recommends a primal diet to his patients. This is his food pyramid..

It seems pretty close to the Wheat Belly diet by Dr Davis. That's the blueprint I'm currently following...

The biggest difference seems to be with cheese. Dr Davis says it's ok to eat freely. He says that other dairy should be in moderation. It looks as if Dr Gerber only uses raw dairy in moderation.

My appointment is a standard physical on July 17. This keeps me motivated to be grain/sugar free. I'll be interested to see how my blood tests turn out.

I'm excited to have a consultation with a primal doctor. My ultimate goal is to have a consultation with Dr Davis. When I get around my goal weight I want to fly to Wisconsin to thank him personally. Without his book I would have never begun this journey. I'd still be eating english muffins for breakfast.

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