Saturday, July 28, 2012

The revolution has begun!

I began this whole wheat/grain free journey after reading Wheat Belly 

Although I've dabbled in paleo/primal eating, my core has been the details in Dr Davis's book.

Bill O'Reilly is now on the Wheat Belly diet. He spoke about it on his tv show..

On Monday, Dr Davis will be on Live with Kelly..

I'm tickled pink for Dr Davis. If it wasn't for his book I would still be eating bagels for breakfast and pizza for lunch. I'd still be looking at a round carb face in the mirror. I'd still need an afternoon nap. I'd still be only fitting into half the pants in my closet.

I've still got work to do. Yesterday I weighed in at 142.8 lbs. I want to be in the 130's when I go for my follow up doctor visit on August 14. I'm confident that sticking to the Wheat Belly guidelines will get me there.

Viva La Wheat Belly!

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