Sunday, June 16, 2013

18 weeks

until my 52 half marathons in 52 weeks begins.

I've got work to do until then.

I'm going to do a half marathon a month until October. I want to stay trained through the summer. In 2 weeks I'm heading to Vegas to do a "hot as hell" one at Lake Mead.

I'm also going to commit to 3 kettle bell sessions a week. If I can't get to a class, I'll do a workout at home. If I'm working out of town, like this week, I'll load the bells in my car. And lug them to my hotel room.

As for my diet, I think I'll leave it alone. As soon as I start "tweaking" things, I get rebellious. I'll continue with daily 16 hour fasts and LCHF way of eating.

18 weeks are going to fly by!

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