Saturday, June 15, 2013

At the conference

some of my co-workers noticed how I was eating. Or not eating, since I skipped breakfast everyday.

They asked me what kind of diet I was doing. Mostly I answered with "I eat a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet paired with intermittent fasting".

I was at a conference with over 200 people. No-one knew what I was talking about. I recommended Dr Davis's book  and blog to everyone I spoke to. A couple people were doing Paleo so they knew about the no grains, no processed part of the equation. My high fat consumption  was puzzling to most people. To keep it simple I would say that I replaced carbs with fat. I didn't even get into the whole Nutritional Ketosis part!

Everyone needs to find their own path but sometimes it was tough to bite my tongue. I'd be at a table with 10 or so people for lunch and dinner. There would always be someone in the group that was on a "diet". They would eat "only 1 roll with no butter". Their meal would be "low fat".

It's tough not to be a LCHF evangelical. I know that in my past vegetarian days, no amount of research would have convinced me to switch. Until I was ready. It only took about 55 years!

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