Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 3

Fasting Glucose 86
Ketones  .6

My fasting glucose is jumping all over the place. I wish my ketones would increase to 1, at least it's up from yesterday.

I'm in a hotel until Thursday, it's a perfect time to get my carb and protein ratio correct. I'm aiming for 2 meals of 30g of protein each. My carbs are staying below 50g. The rest of my diet is fat.

I've been drinking bullet proof coffee every morning. I like it when the butter/oil mixture is foamy. I whip the combo up in my mini blender. The problem is driving to the coffee shop. By the time I get a cup of coffee, the mixture is oily. I've been pouring it in my coffee but its kind of gross. Bullet proof coffee may be reserved for days when I make it at home.

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