Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 2

my fasting glucose was 66. I need to do some research, seems like my levels are dropping pretty low. Maybe it's because of going into nutritional ketosis. I might check it in the middle of the day, maybe it's because the reading is first thing in the am.

I'm out of town until next Thursday. I packed my blender (for bullet-proof coffee) and my scale to weigh my protein portions. Also, everything I need to check my ketones and glucose.

Tonight I'm in El Paso. I researched a burger place called I'm going there for dinner.

LATER THAT NIGHT...just checked my ketones, .5. I was hoping for higher than 1 but according to the experts, I'm still in nutritional ketosis (just barely). I may have eaten too much protein, that toro burger was big and tasty. Onward to Day 3..

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