Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kettlebells kicked my a$$!!!

I've been less sore after marathons!

And this was only an introductory class!

My next class in on Wednesday. Then next Saturday. I'm determined to learn the correct technique. This afternoon I'm going for a hike, I'll be going very very slow.

Today begins week 2 of my 16/8 fasts. Kettlebells may take some getting used to but fasting 16 hours a day is very easy for me. I was planning on doing it for 6 weeks, then re-evaluating but I think I'll stop counting the days. This is the way I'll be eating indefinitely. It's like how I felt with eating LCHF. At first it was a test, now it's what I do everyday.

My next experiment will be how long I can stay in Nutritional Ketosis. Seems as if I can stay above .5 for a couple days, even a week, then I'll slip back down to .3 or .4. I know the reason is too many carbs, even when I'm only eating in an 8 hour window. It's so easy to eat extra nuts or berries in the afternoon.

I'm waiting on more ketone strips, as soon as they arrive I'll begin my NK streak.

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