Saturday, March 23, 2013

Quick race/ketone report

then I'm laying in my comfy hotel bed watching mindless sitcoms until I fall asleep.

-At 6am I had coffee, then headed to the race.

-7am Race began
-The course was a loop, I passed my car every 5 miles. At around 9am I ate my breakfast. Two ham and cheese roll ups with a handful of almonds.
-Around noon I had a couple electrolyte capsules. I avoided the bagels/cookies/bananas that were on the table.
-I kept chugging through the ungodly wind and freezing tempts. The start was around 28 degrees, the day topped out at 45 degrees. I should have checked the weather report before I packed, I was under dressed.
-At 2:30 I stopped at my car and ate the remaining 2 ham and cheese roll ups and almonds.
-Around 4:30 I called it quits. The wind/cold and did I mention sand?, got the best of me. I completed over 26 miles so I got in a marathon. I'm happy with that.

Before I went back to the hotel, I stopped at a local place called Milts. They use grass fed beef and local vegetables. I ordered a (bunless) bacon cheeseburger and side salad with avocado to go.

I checked my blood around 6pm, before I ate dinner.

Glucose  81
Ketones 2.7

Tomorrow's reading will be interesting.
Time to turn on the Food Channel and be a couch potato (I mean a couch avocado!)

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