Friday, March 15, 2013

66 and 2.7

Those were my glucose and ketone readings today, around 3pm.

I'm happy with my numbers, especially with the ketones. I wish I knew why I haven't plummeted below 1mm. I guess I could still be reaping the benefits of the half marathon last Saturday. I felt like Superwoman (Super-ketowoman!) during the race. Everyone around me was relying on energy gels and drinks to go the distance. The finish line table was filled with cookies and bagels and bananas. I had a cup of coffee around 6am and didn't eat until around noon. I felt fine, my energy level was stable, even though I ate at noon, I wasn't even hungry. Hey, maybe I am Super-ketowoman!

Next weekend I'm heading to Moab,Utah to complete a 12 hour trail race. I'll be packing some LCHF food for that one.


  1. Holy cow. You are perfect example of how well this diet works!! No bonking at all!

  2. Bonking sucks. I hope to never experience it again.