Sunday, December 2, 2012

On Saturday I was in a cranky mood.

I was bummed out about yesterday's low ketones. Mostly mad at myself for letting it happen.

My mood improved when I looked in my mailbox..

My glucose strips have arrived! I now have 55 ketone strips and 56 glucose strips, a hefty stash for my 100 day experiment. When my ketones get higher I think I'll do a week of twice a day testing. Until then I'll stick to morning glucose (today was 77) and afternoon ketones.

Another happy event...LCHF cocoa!

The recipe and photo are from one of my favorite
Monique is a wealth of information, I read her blog daily.

A couple days ago she wrote a recipe for cocoa. It has the basic ingredients for bulletproof coffee. Instead of coffee, you use cocoa. Brilliant! And it's as tasty as it sounds. I'll be drinking lots of this cocoa during the 100 day challenge.

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