Saturday, December 8, 2012

Three weeks from today

I'll be in Phoenix, attempting to complete 100 miles in 72 hours.


My goal is to have my ketones at least in the 1's, 2 would be even better. Unfortunately I'm floundering around .4. Starting today I'm cutting out the snacks, when I was in the 1's I was eating 2 meals a day without a problem. I'm going to duplicate the foods I was eating when I was in the higher ketone numbers.

Back then I was eating breakfast, skipping lunch, then ate dinner. This morning I had my favorite breakfast, adapted from the diet doctor from Sweden. Yogurt mixed with heavy cream. Topped with some nuts and coconut flakes. I added a couple pomegranate seeds too. A bowl of this stuff keeps me full until the afternoon.

For someone who's walking 100 miles in a few weeks, my exercise has been very low. I've got a couple long hikes planned, I'm also going to hit the gym. That might help boost my ketones too.

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