Monday, December 10, 2012

Fast track to Ketosis

I'll keep a record of what I eat on this post. I won't check my ketones until the 3 days are over.

-Finished dinner before 6pm. No more food tonight.

-Tabata bike sprints at the gym before I ate. About 15 min total bike time.
-Around 10am I had some grilled chicken, cheese and 2 hard boiled eggs topped with mayo and mustard.
-At 4pm I'm going on a hike with my husband for about an hour.
-Dinner will be ground beef topped with avocado and sour cream. About half a tomato and 2 cups of kale.
UPDATE...After dinner I had a "fat bomb" drink. Warm whipping cream, butter, coconut oil and unsweetened cocoa.

I'm going to start this experiment again tomorrow. I was thrown a curveball today.

The day began as planned. Around 9am I ate some prosciutto with cheese and a couple hard boiled eggs. I had a business meeting at 10am so I couldn't get to the gym.

All was well until the woman at the meeting offered us a homemade empanada. I considered knocking it out of her hand and running out of the meeting. But I didn't do so. I took one of the flour/sugar combo and ate about 90% of it. I stuffed the remainder in my pocket when no one was looking..

a flour/sugar carb bomb

I guess the good news is within minutes, I experienced a sugar rush. In the old days I could eat 4 cupcakes without feeling the way I did today. My heart started to beat faster and I felt kind of nauseous. I also felt flushed, it was crazy.

So, back to Day 1 of the fast track to NK experiment...

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