Thursday, November 22, 2012

For the first time in 25 years

I'll be having turkey for Thanksgiving.

And brussel sprouts with bacon

And mashed califlower with loads of butter and heavy cream

And creamed spinach

I also made these 2 desserts from the terrific Dr Davis from

Cranberry Apple crumb..

This is Dr Davis's pie, mine doesn't look as pretty but it's delish!
Pumpkin pie

Dr Davis's pretty pie

THANKSGIVING UPDATE..Fasting glucose is coming back down, 81 this morning. Bob and I are going to a 2.5 hour hike this morning. I'm going to do it in a fasted state then check my ketones.

AFTER THE HIKE...ketone reading is .7. I may have to kick things up a notch.
The good news is that I was able to complete a strenuous 2.5 hour hike without eating since dinner last night. After the hike I had a couple scrambled eggs with creme fraiche and avocado. Breakfast of champions!

LATER THAT NIGHT...I'm stuffed. I ate liberal portions of all the above mentioned foods. Although I am fuller than I've been in months, after dinner I checked my glucose, it registered 80. I'm happy to see that my gluttony didn't cause my insulin to spike.

I need a nap...

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