Saturday, November 17, 2012

.The meter never lies

Yesterday I was once again, testing out some LCHF desserts for Thanksgiving.

Today my ketone reading was .6. I'm dangerously close to being kicked out of Ketosis City. 

Although most of the low number is due to my endless sampling, I also took the reading earlier in the day. I usually take the reading around 3pm. Today it was at noon. If I ever get a good stash of ketone sticks, I may take a sample in the am, afternoon and evening. I can only afford to do this once, plus I don't want to stick my finger all day.

Tomorrow my husband and I have a long hike planned. I may take a reading as soon as we're done, to see if my ketones go up after exercise. I did take samples after my marathons last month. I didn't see a significant change.

On a related note, my underwear is getting baggy. Nutritional ketosis rocks! 

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