Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nutritional Ketosis is like having a superpower.

Today is an intermittent fasting day. I ate dinner last night around 6pm. It's 4pm the next day, no hunger pangs. Not even a growling stomach. If I didn't know otherwise, I would have thought I'd eaten breakfast or lunch.

Nope, just coffee and water.

I'll be eating dinner in a couple hours. I'll update my numbers later tonight.

Fasting glucose..85

I've been working out of town all week. Last night I had some kale salad with chicken. The salad was so delicious, I may have overeaten it. My carbs could have been bumped up, which may explain my low ketone number.

If my number doesn't go up, I may have to tweak my diet. I've been able to have a glass of wine everyday and still stay in ketosis. Also, some 100% chocolate. Sadly, I may have to remove them for the duration of my experiment. I'll see what my readings are tomorrow.

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