Thursday, November 1, 2012

Holy Ketones Batman!

When I began this LCHF ketosis experiment, my ketones were .3.

This afternoon the reading was 4.3!

I'm pretty sure the reason was that I completed 2 marathons and 2 half marathons in 4 days. Before each race I had 2 boiled eggs with ham and cheese and some butter. During the race I avoided all the carb porn and drank water. I also skipped the gator-aide and took electrolyte tablets every couple hours.

Except for some blisters and sunburn, I felt good throughout the races. My energy was stable, I never felt shaky or hungry.

I'll be curious to see how high my ketones stay now that the races are over. On Monday and Tuesday I did the marathons. My ketones were around 1.3. Today was the only day they were so high. My fasting glucose seems to be bouncing between the 70-80 range.

Back later with a more detailed race report.

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