Saturday, November 24, 2012

I love this video

it's describes LCHF perfectly. And it's funny too..

I made it through my first day of Fast-5 without a hitch. I was so full from Thanksgiving, I could have completed a 24 hour fast.

While in a fasted state I took a 4 hour walk yesterday morning. Today I'm going on a morning hike.

Yesterday my numbers were 71 for glucose and .9 for ketones. The ketone number is slowly moving up again.

UPDATE...On Fast-5 day 2 my fasting glucose is 80 and my ketones slid back to .4. Despite a 1hr hike, my ketones are low. I know it's because I'm eating too much protein and carbs from Thanksgiving. The leftovers will be gone today. Tomorrow I'll be back to my non-holiday foods.

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