Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I almost chickened out

and didn't check my blood today.

After yesterday's carb-a-looza, I feared the worse. I finally faced reality and checked under the hood..

glucose..71  (whew)
ketones...8 (could have been lots worse)

On happier ketone sticks arrived from Canada! Here's the website I used

The strips were about $2 each, much better than the US rate of $5 each. I was able to get some bargins on eBay but I hate the auctions. I've never been good at haggling.

Since I have a source for ketone strips that I can afford, I'm thinking about doing a 100 day experiment. I'm curious to see how I would feel if I can elevate my ketones from the .5 range to around 2. I need to buy more glucose strips too.

Hmmm...I need to contemplate my plan...

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